Building solutions to make the web a safer place.

Kite AI ensures your platform stays free of abuse. With high accuracy and low latency, results are instant and accurate.

Encourage conversation

One in four individuals online feel the need to sensor themselves out of fear of being harassed. We believe the web should be a place for people to contribute ideas and engage in discussion. Use Kite AI to ensure harassment never takes this voice away.

Improve user engagement

25% of people who've experienced harassment disconnect their online presence, whether it's for a few hours or deleting their account entirely. Kite AI will help deter abuse, and keep users on your platform.

Make a difference

Every year, almost half a million high school students attempt suicide due to cyberbullying. We may not be able to reach all half a million, but we can make a difference, and you can too. There's no reason why any individual should suffer an experience so awful online it makes them want to take their life. Be the leader in change online, and set the precedent for how other apps and companies approach this issue.

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