We ensure your platform is free of abuse.

Integrating Kite AI is as simple as adding one line of code to your app. Send us a comment, message, or post, and we'll give you a detailed analysis.

We'll provide the results, and you can tailor the solution to fit your platform. The options are limitless, with solutions like a proactive approach of preventing abusive content from being sent, hiding offensive content from users, or auto-reporting abusive content and users.

Abuse Detection

Utilize the API to analyze comments, posts, or messages. Build a bot to kick abusive users or add it into your app for more possibilities.

Sentiment Analysis

In addition to abuse detection, Kite AI can analyze content for positive or negative connotations, allowing you to build more in-depth solutions.

Topic Modeling

In addition to determining whether or not the text is abusive, we detect racism, sexism, political discrimination, religious discrimination, LGBTQ discrimination, and cyberbullying, along with the frequency of each.

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